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        nombre: Briquetting Machine

        palabras clave: Briquetting Machine
        descripción: The importance of briquetting technology as one of the most important branches of powder particles processing treatment is increasingly clear with the demand of environment protection and the improvement of automation of the production process.


        The importance of briquetting technology as one of the most important branches of powder particles processing treatment is increasingly clear with the demand of environment protection and the improvement of automation of the production process. Powder product briquetting has become the necessary trend of powder-after-processing technology in the world.

        Working Principle of briquetting machine:

        Raw materials are sent into hopper by quantitative feeder, briquetting machine use the pair of roller with the hole roll, leaving certain gap and rotation with the same speed reversely. Shaft holders of one group of rolls are fixed, and the other one of group can slide to help the hydraulic cylinder press the rolls for abutting closely against each other. Many arc grooves with the same shape and size are arrayed regularly on the roll surface. In accordance with different compressing ratios of target materials, the wave trough of arc groove of one roll shall be directed at that of one roll. When two rolls parallel each other horizontally, powder grained materials are, continuously and evenly fed in the gap between two rolls by means of their gravities and through a forced charger from above of two rolls. After entering the nip area, the materials are gradually nipped by the rolls. With continuous rotation of the rolls, the space that the materials occupy reduces gradually and is compressed step by step and reaches the maximum shaping pressure. And then, as the pressure reduces gradually later, pressed blocks drop off the arc grooves of the rolls for recovered elasticity and gravity of the flaking machine and enter a crushing device for crushing and then enter a sieving device for sieving. At last, grained products are obtained. The powder materials and large particles which are substandard will return to bucket elevator and enter into the next process with new products.

        Final granules shape:

        Features of this Briquetting Machine:

        ◆Without any additives, dry powders are briquetted directly.

        ◆Briquetting strength can be adjusted by adjusting the pressure of roller, control strength of final products.

        ◆Cycle operations to achieve continuous production.

        ◆High yield of finished products.

        ◆Materials are force to compress molding by mechanical pressure, without any additives, the product’s purity is guaranteed.

        ◆Dry powders are briquetting directly without follow-up drying process, the existing production process is easy to convergence & transformation.

        ◆Briquetting strength is high, compared with other granulating methods, the improvement soft bulk density are significant,especially for the occasion where increase the proportion of product accumulation.

        ◆A wide range of raw materials can be used, granular strength can be freely adjusted according to different materials.

        ◆Compact structure, easy maintenance, simple operation, short process, low energy consumption, high efficiency, low failure rate.

        ◆Control environmental pollution, reduce waste and powder packaging costs, and improve product transport capacity.

        ◆Feeding device adopts frequency adjustment control, high automation ,one can control multi-machine, has the features of low labor intensity and long term continuous operation, etc.

        ◆Major transmission components use high quality alloy material. Stainless steel, titanium, chromium and other surface alloys which greatly improved wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature and pressure capabilities, so that this machine has one long service life.


        Applied materials:

        1. Fertilizers:

        potassium sulfateSOP, potassium chloride, the Russian red potassium, NPK fertilizer, ammonium chloride, potassium nitrate, Ammonium Phosphate Monobasic(MAP),Diammonium phosphate(DAP), ammonium sulfate, ammonium bicarbonate, cow manure plus sulfur, humid acid etc.

        2. Powders:

        zinc oxide,Bentonite, benefication agent, phosphate rock, aluminum fluoride Calcium Hypochlorite, calcium chloride, calcium phosphate, cryolite, TSP, SSP, antioxidant, potassium carbonate, rubber additives, metal powder, fillers, feed additives, silica, pharmaceutical intermediates, steel-making additives, lead oxide, melting agent, clay , steelwork dusts, etc.

        3. Graphite, Carbon black

        4. FGD gypsum

        5. Chemical powder: Sodium formate HCOONa, Magnesium acetate

        Unit structure:

        1)  Pre-feeder: Equipped with mechanical vibrating feed hopper with automatic control and timing vibration

        2)  Quantitative feeder: Adopts frequency conversion adjusting speed to ensure the feeding accuracy.

        3)  Force-feeding screw hopper: It is composed of variable frequency motor, cone helix, stirring knife tooth and cone feeding hopper with visual glass window as well as feeding mouth assemblies and so on. Its function is to further achieve degassing and perform pressure feeding.

        4)  Flaking machine: it is composed of left and right fixed bearing seats, frame structure, two alloy steel rollers, two hydraulic oil cylinders, electric automatic pump station as well as hard tooth surface dedicated reducer and main driving motor.

        5) Crushing & granulating machine: it is composed of cutting-up box, cutting-up main shaft and special rotating cutting blades and the main shaft is driven at high speed by the motor to break the extrusion forming materials and dress into pellets.

        6)   Vibration screen: It is equipped with screen block-proof device and convenient to clean the screen. The broken pellet and powder materials from the breaking and dressing machine are divided into pellet product and recycling powder.

        7)   Material return auger: It sends the unaccepted powder material returned from vibration classification screen to the feeding elevator.

        8)   Bucket elevator: Upper and lower sprocket use assembly structure for the transportation of materials.

        9)   Control cabinet: It is composed of the electrical components such as electric control box, frequency conversion controller, ammeter, voltage meter, light, button switches, voltage switch and so on. All the electrical equipment is controlled and operated concentratively.

        We are China professional briquetting machine manufacturer, besides this, we also have coal briquetting machine, pellet mill and other granulator machines.